Thursday, February 05, 2015

Housing construction in SF increases with population growth

The above graphs demolish the myth propagated by C.W. Nevius and others (see also this) that the cause of the present housing crisis in SF is opposition to any and all development by nimbys and unnamed groups and individuals. You can see that the construction of housing closely tracks the growth of the city's population.

Can we build our way to affordable housing in the city?

Thanks to SF Curbed.

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Vaillancourt Fountain: Blighting the Embarcadero since 1971

Wonder what all those 5000+ MTA employees do all day? In addition to formulating the "Peace Campaign," the MTA's blog has a Panoramas and Public Art feature, presumably from the same "creative shop" inside that bureaucracy:

Twice a month we'll share some of our favorite vistas and destinations in the city and the Muni routes and lines that will take you there. Panoramas and Public Art is a new feature showcasing permanent and temporary art along with classic views found throughout the city.

The MTA is doing all this for you, you poor bastards. Actually running a transportation system is a secondary consideration.

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