Wednesday, January 07, 2015

In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo

Mahomet: A star is born!

Harry's Place has a proposal by Rabbi Zvi Solomons about how those who believe in free speech should react to the slaughter of Charlie Hebdo's staff by adherents of the Religion of Peace:

First, subscribe for one year to the paper attacked. Even if you don’t read French, you are supporting an organisation which clearly is doing something valuable for free speech, because these[Islamists] are people who want to destroy that particular Western value. You can find Charlie Hebdo’s subscriptions online. Abonnement is the French word.

Second, publish one of their old cartoons---preferably one which will most enrage the Islamists. State very clearly as you publish it that you’re doing this in memory of the cartoonist, perhaps Charb, or one of the other murdered cartoonists. Choose something they want to stop being published. This should not be because you wish to upset Muslims, but let the message go out clearly that one way to ensure the material which they hate becomes more widely dispersed is to attack the object of hate. Put it out by email and social media. You can also spread this article on the internet to show others how to stand up to these ideological bullies. For every such incident let it be so. It is a direct result of such attacks that more such material gets posted, more subscriptions are sold...

Rob's comment:
I don't mind upsetting Muslims---or adherents of any of the other superstitions. I'm the only one in the city to publish the Danish Muhammad cartoons. The rest of the media here in Progressive Land roll over for the Islamist bullies. See this, this, and this. Prediction: they'll roll over again.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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