Saturday, November 28, 2015

City government as a jobs program

Quentin Kopp

From Quentin Kopp in the Westside Observer:

The City of Los Angeles is the largest employer in a population of over four million people, with 41,000 full-time employees, averaging $78,139 per year in salary before overtime or bonuses are added. San Francisco, with some 840,000 people, employs almost 35,000 full-time employees, without a peep from the media or almost all neighborhood associations.

Good point. But according to the State Controller, it's worse than that: San Francisco now has 35,771 employees making an average $80,575 a year.[It's worse than either of us thought. There are now 36,832 people employed by the city]

Kopp is also good on the Central Subway and high-speed rail boondoggles.

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