Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Olague "turned on the mayor"?

Matier & Ross perpetuate a myth about Christina Olague's short stint as District 5 supervisor:

Pak and other Chinatown activists saw the selection[of Julie Christensen] as a slap in the face. The mayor’s advisers felt confident about the move, saying it showed Lee — still reeling from the Pak-backed appointment of Supervisor Christina Olague, who had later turned on the mayor — was independent and thinking of the city as a whole rather than catering to one group.

Olague's sin in the eyes of City Hall, C.W. Nevius, and Randy Shaw: her vote to allow Mirkarimi to be sheriff. The assumption was that, since she was appointed by the mayor, she was obligated to vote how Mayor Lee wanted her to vote on important issues.

Olague surely understood that she was already in a deep political hole in District 5 just because she supported Mayor Lee and was appointed by the "moderate" mayor to represent one of the most left-wing districts in the city.

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