Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More on that Geary BRT meeting

I'm posting this video again to point out why the SFCTA didn't allow members of the public to stand up and have a say on the Geary BRT project: they didn't want a repeat of the public relations debacle like the meeting Ed Reisner and the MTA had in 2013 on the Polk Street bike project, when people from the neighborhood booed and hooted at Reisner's presentation.

The SFCTA is another city agency dedicated to "improving" city streets with various anti-car projects. The SFCTA has long pushed the idea of Congestion Pricing---charging people when they drive downtown---though that idea is very unpopular with city voters. That doesn't mean it won't happen. Like the Bicycle Plan, it will be done without ever being on the ballot, where it would be rejected by city voters.

There's growing opposition to tearing down the footbridges over Geary as part of the BRT project: see this, this, and this. Later: see also this.

And a typical Examiner story on the project by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, who talks only to city officials in support of the project, which is what he also did on the Masonic Avenue bike project.

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