Saturday, November 28, 2015

Creating gridlock on the waterfront

The folks at Meter Madness/ENUF forward this message from Jennifer Wade:

As you probably know, the owners of the Golden State Warriors are hoping to build a new arena at Mission Bay, right across the street from UCSF's hospitals. Since this project has the blessing of Mayor Lee, it has sailed through multiple reviews, but is now subject to final approval by the Board of Supervisors and will be discussed at their December 8th meeting. If the board approves the project, the only thing that will be able to stop it is a lawsuit. Thus, it is critical that we let our voices be heard in the next 2 weeks! One way you can do this is by e-mailing your supervisor. The Mission Bay Alliance has put together a web-based form with a conveniently pre-written message of opposition that you can modify as you like and then send. It can be found here: It would also be great to have as many people at the Board meeting as possible. I will be there.

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