Saturday, October 10, 2015

Masonic Avenue Derangement Syndrome 3

I wrote last year about how Tim Hickey got it wrong in his North Panhandle News story about the city's plan to screw up Masonic Avenue with a dumb bike project. We now learn from Hoodline more about Hickey:

Hickey, who works for the SF Department of Building Inspections by day, followed in JJ Stahle’s footsteps as the president of NOPNA, an association that covers the blocks from Divisadero to Masonic and from Fell to Turk. You might catch him buzzing around the Panhandle on his Dutch-style family bike. He and his wife moved to the neighborhood in 2010, and immediately became engaged with the community.

Okay, maybe as a city worker Hickey was just showing his loyalty to the team when he parroted City Hall's line on Masonic Avenue.

And maybe he didn't write the caption on the photo atop his latest story ("Vision Zero: Putting Pedestrians First") in the July/August NOPNA newsletter: "Masonic Avenue has been the site of numerous pedestrian injuries."

Not true according to the only Masonic Avenue study (see page 13) the city has done.

If the city is determined to screw up Masonic Avenue on behalf of cyclists---and apparently it is---it can't justify doing that with the Big Lie about safety.

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