Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From Alice Bierman:

Sep 21, 2015: MTA is going to conduct a survey around SF General Hospital this week, so get the word out and ask people to take the survey and tell MUNI we don't want this change! It is important we let them know now! Thanks for all you do.

Sign the petition to stop Muni from rerouting the #33 bus.

"Cutting this part of the 33 bus service will create extreme hardship for many people. Those include but not limited to seniors using canes and walkers, people with physical difficulties, those who are feeling ill on their way to San Francisco General Hospital, people with disabilities (wheelchair users, visually impaired or blind, and those with different mobility issues), low income families, and parents with baby strollers. Cutting this part of the line means asking these riders to transfer to the always packed #9 bus, which also means too packed to be able to pick up wheelchairs, walkers and/or strollers. Some seniors and people with visual impairments have a difficult time navigating when making a transfer and this is the case when they are feeling fine; however, this is extra hard when they are feeling ill and have to get to the hospital..."

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