Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A plague of turquoise

Intercontinental Hotel

Turquoise is now an omnipresent color cliche embraced by architects and designers---and even by PBS with the Newshour's annoyingly "airy look" of its new set:

What turquoise means:

The color turquoise helps opening lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. It is a friendly and happy color that is enjoying life. In color psychology, it controls and heals the emotions, creating emotional balance and stability. In this process, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster that goes up and down, until it balances itself.

On the other hand, too much turquoise can be a problem:

Too much turquoise in your life can overstimulate your mind and create emotional imbalance, which makes you either oversensitive or just the opposite. Too little turquoise in your life can make you hide your feelings, which will result in secrets and confusion about your direction in life. From a negative perspective, too much of the color turquoise can lead to emotional stress, lack of communication skills, unreliability and deception.

Maybe designers and architects are blocked at that pesky fifth chakra:

They need to get their goddam chakras aligned or cleaned or whatever and give us a break from the toxic level of turquoise in our environment.

Rincon Hill

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