Thursday, August 27, 2015

My liberal credentials

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According to this poll (How do your beliefs align with the potential candidates?), I "side with Bernie Sanders" 97% of the time and with Hillary Clinton 87% of the time. I hope that doesn't make me a "progressive," since I think of myself as a mere liberal

But there weren't any questions about Islam, bicycles, or high-speed rail, all of which would have reduced my liberal score.

Hillary will surely be the candidate for the Democrats, and I'll happily vote for her in 2016, since her administration will essentially be an extension of the Obama administration, which has been good, except for the high-speed rail foolishness and the hard line on marijuana. 

If Hillary is smart---and I think she is---she'll lighten up on marijuana and let the high-speed rail folly die a natural death, since there's no credible source of money to even build the system, not to mention operate and maintain it.

Later: By the way, the alleged controversy about Hillary's email is bullshit.

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