Thursday, August 06, 2015

Hypocrites 2

From the SF Examiner

More than two years ago I posted about the SF Examiner story (SF's goal of taking its cars off the road hits speed bump) about how city departments were complying---or failing to comply---with a 2010 ordinance that required reducing the use of city cars by 20% by 2015. 

Back on April 29 I asked the Department of the Environment, which is supposed to enforce the ordinance, a simple question: "Do you folks have an update on the information in this graphic from the SF Examiner in 2013?"

Still waiting for an answer. Apparently I'll have to take it to the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force to help me get an answer.

For years the city has been preying on people who drive in San Francisco, and parking tickets, parking meters, and parking garages are a major source of revenue for the city. At the same time, it's been redesigning city streets on behalf of a small minority of cyclists, encouraging city residents to abandon those wicked motor vehicles and take up cycling or ride a chronically underfunded Muni system.

Doesn't seem like too much to ask that city departments follow city policy and, while they're at it, obey the law.

Note that the SFMTA is the biggest offender.

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At 9:15 PM, Blogger Mark Kaepplein said...

Please keep after them! Ask how many motor vehicles they have replaced with bicycles! Make fantasy policies confront reality. Government needs to eat their own "dog food" or let the rest of us choose our means of transport too!

At 4:06 AM, Anonymous sfthen said...

One has to assume that at least one of those 535 vehicles allocated to the SFMTA is used by Mr. Ed "I'm Car Free!" Reiskin to get around the City when his bicycle is inconvenient. Or when there are no photo ops.

In a creepsblog interview Mr. Car Free stated, "Last week on my day to do kid drop-off I took my five-year-old on the back of my bike. And she was really excited: ‘can we do this every morning?’ But as we rode in, my wife and her sister (who works at the school) were also driving in. We all left at the same time—and the bike got there first on top of how pleasant it was.”

Let's see, he's Car Free but his wife and her sister drive the kids! Probably has the wife drive to the grocery, drive the kids to appointments, etc. Don't have to look much further than this to see what's wrong with San Francisco's transportation system. All the time Reiskin's been pulling over $300,000 per year he's never come close to having Muni meet the voter stipulated on-time performance. That's how SF works in the 21st Century: reward failures.


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