Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The deal with Iran

First, this isn't just a US/Iran deal. China, France, Germany, Russia, and Britain are also parties to the agreement (text of the agreement).

Kevin Drum on the deal:

Overall, the deal seems to address most of the issues brought up by skeptics. Sanctions won't be lifted right away. There's an expedited process to reimpose them if Iran cheats. Military sites will be open to inspectors. Conventional weapons bans will continue for five years. Benjamin Netanyahu is nevertheless apoplectic, of course, but who cares? He would be no matter what the deal looked like. At first glance, though, it looks reasonable. And since President Obama can—and will—veto any congressional attempt to disapprove the agreement, it will take a two-thirds vote to torpedo it. Presumably Obama can manage to scrape up at least a third of Congress to support it, so it should be pretty safe. That vote will take place in about two months.

A skeptic, Jeffrey Goldberg, looks at the deal.

Later: More Kevin Drum on the early reactions to the deal.

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