Friday, July 03, 2015

No dinner with Hillary for me

In a post about libertarianism, Kevin Drum: "On a personal level I'm sympathetic. I'm not quite a hermit, but I really do like to be left alone most of the time." (I'm with Drum on this one---and on libertarianism in general: Why libertarians are mostly men.)

From Hillary's campaign the other day: "Rob -- Are you free for dinner? I’d love for you to join me -- the campaign is flying out a grassroots supporter and a guest to meet me for a meal..."

No, I don't want to have dinner with Hillary, though I'll be glad to vote for her next year.

And even less do I want to have a drink with the folks at Transform. Nor did I want to schmooze with so-called SF moderates, or go to a picnic with David Chiu, who I would never vote for (Click on the "David Chiu" label below to learn why).

And, yes, the feeling is surely mutual.

Bob Mankoff

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