Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Frisco versus LA: Who cares?

Click-bait from some punk who just got here: Reasons Why Everyone in San Francisco Hates LA. Only the comments are worth reading. A sample:

He's 25. Do you think he knows anything?

Everyone is an asshole no matter where you are.

Everyone knows real life only exists outside these two places. Oakland.

California is one of the most diverse states in the country and extremely beautiful but the people are hands down the flakiest and most unreliable people on the face of this earth.

An earthquake should put California where it needs to be...In the water.

If I hadn't read the comments, I would never have learned about The Fake Baby in American Sniper:

Or how the Fake Baby Grows Up:

Enter "fake baby american sniper" on Youtube, and you can go down that rabbit hole as far as you want.



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