Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No drought for California's rich and famous

Jennifer Lopez's casa

From the New York Post:

A source says Lopez, who put her estate on the market a few weeks ago, has been approached several times by neighbors over the years about amending her opulent garden and lawn. “She has been pretty dismissive,” said the source. “She has said, ‘Oh, so I’ll just pay some fines, what are they going to do?’”

Barbra Streisand's crib: Home Tour photo

Barbra Streisand---the lefty diva who’s lectured fellow Californians and even US presidents on energy conservation---seems oblivious to the fact the Golden State is turning into a dried-out raisin. Her pampered sprawl sticks out like a green thumb in aerial photos.

Thanks to The Snitch at SF Weekly.

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