Thursday, March 19, 2015

More motor vehicles registered in SF than ever

According to the DMV, there are more motor vehicles registered in San Francisco than ever. For 2014: 403,246 autos, 55,688 trucks, 22,853 motorcycles/motor bikes for a total of 481,787 (I always subtract the trailers).

Back in 2000 there were 451,879 registered motor vehicles in the city.

The anti-car folks are in denial about this reality. From Streetsblog last year:

The stats show that car ownership is declining[in SF] almost as fast as the population is growing. The data don’t distinguish which specific housing units have cars, so this doesn’t necessarily mean that the residents of all the new condo buildings going up are car-free. But the broader effect is reverberating throughout the city — whether car-free residents are moving in where car-owning residents previously lived, or residents are selling their cars.

See this also.

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At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is good news. The more cars, the faster traffic flows through our beautiful city!

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Deane Hartley said...

Rob, will you make available a link to the 2000 DMV figures? It could be helpful in an emerging planning debate. My recollection is that 2000 was a boom year in San Francisco; local residents were parking their SUVs on the sidewalks during the dot-com mania.

There is a new, private "smart growth" housing development being proposed at 5th and Kirkham, the border between districts 5 and 7. It will add about 400 net new households to the neighborhood. The developers are currently doing their road show to neighbors and citizens groups to gather support.

Problem is, City Hall is restricting them to providing only one parking space for every two units. Doubtless a manifestation of "smart growth" religion: If you abort the parking spaces you'll abort the cars! I guess they expect that the upper-middle-class folks with 6-figure incomes who will occupy the units are all going to ride bikes everywhere.

Your DMV figures help illustrate that people continue to want to register cars in SF.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Yes, and that number doesn't include the vehicles owned by city residents that are registered in other cities.

No, I don't have a link to the 2000 number. Ten years ago I used to call the DMV in Sacramento to get these numbers over the phone, until the woman I talked to told me about the then-new site that we now see with the numbers.

I've routinely printed out this fact sheet every year and have hard copies of many of the old sheets somewhere in my file cabinet. The problem: Once the state posts the new fact sheet the old sheets are gone forever, unless you can find them somewhere on the DMV's website, which I haven't been able to do.


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