Saturday, February 28, 2015

SF cops attack the defenseless

Channel 7 reported on the incident above (the video doesn't show anything after around 2:06):

The driver called police to get a sleeping man off the bus when it came to the end of the line near Ocean Beach. Officer Raymond Chu ended up striking Bernard Warren five times in the legs with his baton and squirting pepper spray in his eyes for resisting arrest.

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi says the 36-year-old man's injuries required hospital treatment. "According to the Use of Force Policy of the San Francisco Police Department, officers are supposed to defuse situations, not escalate them," Adachi said.

"Officers get a substantial amount of training dealing with those people that are mentally ill all the way to people that are in crisis," SFPD Chief Greg Suhr said. Suhr believes Officer Chu responded appropriately to someone who was threatening to harm him. "He continues to tell the officer that he's gonna beat his behind, which is a crime. You can hear the officer continue to say, 'Get on the ground, get on the ground, get on the ground' and there's no compliance," Suhr said.

Clearly the cop kept the incident going because the drunk was talking shit. Instead of just walking away after getting the guy off the bus, the cop escalates by yelling "Are we done here?" 

Anyone who attacks a drunk---with a nightstick and pepper spray!---who can barely walk is a bully and an asshole, regardless of the provocation.

Another city cop attacks a guy in a wheelchair:

If city cops can't do the job without behaving like bullies and assholes, why don't they get a job change? The answer: they could never make as much money doing anything else.

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At 3:17 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

I should point out that both the men in the above videos attacked by city cops are black.


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