Thursday, February 12, 2015

2014 traffic deaths in the city

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The list also makes clear that while many city drivers are awful, the collisions are not only their fault. The Police Department found that in the 17 pedestrian deaths, drivers were responsible for eight and pedestrians were responsible for nine. Bicyclists were responsible in all three instances when they died.

On Jan. 7, 2014, a pedestrian ran “through heavy traffic, zigzagging across six lanes before being struck in the seventh lane,” according to the Police Department’s description. This was on busy Van Ness Avenue near Grove Street.

On Feb. 20, a pedestrian died on Fillmore Street near California Street when she stepped in front of a motor vehicle momentarily stopped in traffic. “In this case the motor vehicle was a cement truck with a hood that measured 72 inches from the ground. The pedestrian stood 65 inches.”

Another pedestrian died on Nov. 3 on Mission Street near 16th Street after the pedestrian “sprinted into the roadway from between two parked curbside vehicles.”

Bicyclists, too, took major risks. One was eating as he rode his bike into oncoming traffic. Another was “going fast and lost control of his bicycle” — there was no car involved. A third was speeding downhill, failed to stop at a stop sign and was carrying a water bottle containing alcohol. None of the three who died were wearing helmets...

Rob's comment:
The 17 pedestrian deaths in 2014 was an average year. See page 19 in the last Collisions Report, which shows that average goes back to 2001, with a spike in 2000. The Vision Zero project wouldn't have prevented most of those deaths.

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At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Gregski said...

The SFPD commander who compiled these useful and insightful details, Mikail Ali, has now been taught his lesson to never reveal facts that undermine City Hall's latest faith-based, magical-thinking policy initiative (this year it's "Vision Zero").

He's been removed from his post and relegated to the airport.


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