Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Know Your City Government: 35,771 city workers

From Cal

San Francisco:

836,620 residents

35,771 city employees

23 residents per city employee

$3,445 amount spent on total wages per resident

$1,035 amount spent on total retirement & health cost per resident

$80,575 average wages for this city's employees

$24,209 average retirement & health cost for this city's employees

$2,882,234,830 total wages paid by this city

$865,992,432 total retirement & health cost paid by this city

Rob's comment: 

Thanks to State Controller John Chiang, we have some solid information about how much money our overlords in City Hall are making by visiting this site

First surprise: the city has 35,771 employees! My assumption, based on stories in the press, was that that number was around 25,000.

Second surprise: how overpaid people in the Fire Department are. We learned years ago from the Grand Jury that the Fire Department is the worst offender at "pension-spiking." (Pension Tsunami: The Billion Dollar Bubble) What about "salary-spiking"?

Thanks to Cal