Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Australian view of Lindt Cafe

Nothing to do with Islam?

by Bernard Gaynor

Australia has woken to the devastating news that two hostages died in the Lindt Café last night. Like all Australians, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those now grieving.

But I am not going to join in with the mob in perpetuating the myths that are already being circulated as a result of this completely preventable tragedy. And it was completely preventable. It was the entirely predictable outcome of the decision to allow a violent culture with a superiority complex and an itchy trigger finger to take root in Australia.

So expect to see more Islamic flags and more grieving families.

This war has only just started and it’s not going well.

And here are five things the mainstream media is spinning wrong about the Islamic addition to Christmas festivities in Australia over the last 24 hours. 

1. We couldn’t see this coming

Apparently, we could never see this coming. This was an attack we thought we could never see in Sydney. That’s what the Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, said this morning.

Hello! Mike! Is there anyone home?

Australians aren’t goldfish. We can remember things for more than three seconds. Like, for instance, the fact that 800 police descended upon Sydney just a few weeks ago to prevent some peaceful follower of the religion of peace from peacefully severing some random Aussie’s head. In Martin Place. Right where the Lindt Café stands.

Anyone who couldn’t see this coming has had their head in the sand and their backside pointed skywards, almost as if they have already embraced Islam.

I’m guessing, however, that most people would not have expected the news that the deranged gunman was actually on bail. For a multitude of sexual offences and in relation to his wife’s murder (she was peacefully set on fire). Or that this bloke had a habit of sending abusive letters to the families of Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

Who needs to worry about the Islamic threat when our own legal system holds the safety of Australians in such contempt that it would let this guy run free?

But I can think of no better advertisement for the actual truth of Islam than the fact that a murderous sexual deviant would stroll into the heart of Sydney for his last stand under the most famous words of Mohammed.

2. Don’t worry – it’s just a lone wolf

Don’t worry Australia. Mr Ali Akbar is a lone wolf. This is a one off.

Just like the one-off lone wolf who stabbed two police officers in Victoria in the name of Allah earlier this year.

Just like the one-off lone wolf who shot a Canadian soldier and then stormed that nation’s parliament in the name of Allah a few weeks ago.

Just like the one-off lone wolf who went on a rampage at Ford Hood in the United States killing 13 soldiers in the name of Allah a while back.

Just like the…by now you should be getting the picture. I could go on all day talking about the lone wolves out there who all seem to operate in disciplined unison.

There is an army of ‘lone’ wolves. That makes the ‘lone’ part redundant. And the guy responsible for the death of two Australians in Sydney yesterday wasn’t all that alone anyway. He had over 14,000 followers on Facebook. So expect this to happen all over again.

Because the one thing that these people all have in common is an ability to read the Koran, and a commitment to following its bloody message.

3. Don’t worry – it’s not the Islamic State

Keysar Trad was on Sunrise this morning waxing lyrical about how this was not the work of the Islamic State. And Kochie was nodding along with him. I didn’t know these two men were spokesmen for the nation that is not a nation that we are at war with.

But anyway, apparently this means we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

I don’t really know why I should have to point this out, but if the Lindt Café siege had nothing to do with the Islamic State then it only proves that it is not just the Islamic State that we should be worried about.

It is proof that it’s not the design of the flag that’s the problem, but the words that are on them. And those flags all carry the same Islamic words and have the same Islamic meaning: total global domination.

The simple fact is that the Sunni-Shia Islamic split is nothing more than an argument over who gets Mohammad’s loot. They still haven’t worked it out 1,400 years later, but they pretty much agree on everything else of importance: the non-Islamic world are a bunch of heathen scum who should be subjugated, raped and pillaged.

The flag in the Lindt Café overshadowed the ‘Merry Christmas’ for a reason. It was an arrogant message of contempt and it signified a murderous intent to enslave us all.

4. Islamic leaders have condemned this violence

Apparently Australia’s Grand Mufti has condemned the Lindt Café siege.

And with that, the media went running on their way to talk about how Muslims fear for their lives, living in such a racist country like Australia.

But the truth is that Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed has a lot of hide to issue such a statement. This is the same man that sent a statement to the Federal Senate in October claiming that new anti-terror laws inhibited his religious freedom.

You read that right. Nothing further needs to be said. The Grand Mufti’s statement says it all: it is an open admission that Islam promotes terrorism.

The real question is this: why has the media barely reported this at all?

5. The Islamic Community suffers from this

The last 24 hours are wreaking a terrible toll on the Islamic community, if you believe the media.

Give me a break.

This is the ultimate good cop/bad cop routine.

Some dude walks into a café and kills two people. In return, the Islamic apologists are given huge air time. The Premier of New South Wales convenes video conferences with the bloke who claims new anti-terror laws impinge religious freedom and interfaith prayer services are held at mosques around the nation. Politicians are jumping over themselves to promote Islam. And it’s all because, under the Islamic flag, two Australians were gunned down.

Like I said, give me a break.

And, of course, the social media numpties have gone nuts. #illridewithyou has taken off. It is, of course, a completely empty gesture designed only to reinforce the arrogant feelings of moral superiority held by those who promote tolerance at the expense of our nation’s safety. And nothing shows the vacuous nature of the moral do-gooders than the fact that they don’t do any good at all. They just ‘Twitter’ good, like gods from on high. Apparently, that is even better than actually doing anything at all.

If you support the idea of Islamic rule and Sharia law, the last 24 hours have shown that murdering two Australians is pretty much all it takes to get everyone who is anyone to show deference and submission. It’s not exactly a great deterrence.

So expect more violence to come.

Thanks to Jihad Watch for the link.


John McPhee: "Los Angeles Against the Mountains"

The San Gabriel Mountains

Back in 1988, John McPhee wrote in the New Yorker about the geology behind what's happening in the Los Angeles area right now: first you have fire and then you have the massive debris flows off the San Gabriel Mountains after a heavy rain. The excerpts below begin on pages 232-233 on this PDF of the book version of "Los Angeles Against the Mountains II," October 3, 1988, The New Yorker):

...In November, 1933, the chaparral burned in numerous watersheds above Pasadena, La Canada, La Crescenta, and Montrose, and slopes were left black and bare. Rainfall in amounts that the Flood Control District called a "Noah-type storm" followed in the last days of the year, mobilizing, on January 1, 1934, a number of almost simultaneous debris flows that came out of the mountains, went through the orchards and into the towns, killed dozens of people, destroyed hundreds of houses, and left boulders the size of icebergs far down the fans...Out of Pickens Canyon came a debris slug of such magnitude that it traveled all the way to Foothill Boulevard, crossed it, and passed through the business district of Montrose. 

A boulder eight feet in diameter came to rest on the main street of town, three miles south of the mountain front. The New Years Day Flood, as people still refer to it, killed thirty-four in Montrose and neighboring towns, ruined nearly five hundred houses. All over the bajada, Model A's were so deeply buried that their square roofs stuck out of the mud like rafts. Streets of La Crescenta were like braided rivers of Alaska, with channels of water looping past islands of debris...

...There are three debris basins along Country Club Drive. There were two in 1964. The upper one failed. The slug that came down the street and invaded houses killed Aimee Miller, the wife of Frank Sinatra's piano accompanist. Her home was knocked off its foundation. Her husband was swept downhill and into a debris basin. He survived by hanging on to a Volkswagen that was part of the debris...

Sally Rand lived in Glendora, pretty far up the fan. At Christmastime that year[1968], in the Kingdom of Rubelia, she did her phan dance at Mike Rubel's castle. 

Four weeks later came the devastating rain. Listening to it thump his roof, Art Cook[City Manager of Glendora] said to himself, "This is the night. I'd better get down to the Hall." He got into his car and went down Palm to Grand; as he turned onto Grand, the flow met him. It picked up his car and carried it a quarter of a mile. ("I just sat there, scared as hell.") Eventually, his slithering wheels found traction, and he drove off none the worse for having been part of the snout of the debris. "A wave six to eight feet high came out of Rainbow Canyon," he said. "The rock, debris---everything was suspended in the liquid mass. Horrendous boulders, trees, car bodies were suspended in the mass. It sounded like a train---a runaway express train. Just a roar."

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