Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Billion dollar bike path for the Bay Bridge?

A reader writes:


In 2009 the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) approved $1.3 million for a study to explore a pedestrian/bike path on the western span of the Bay Bridge.

In Dec. 2009 the study said it would cost $500 million.

In Nov. 2014 MTC is dishing out another $10 million for a new study for a pedestrian/bike path.

Who knows how much the new proposal will cost?

Rob's comment:
The last study put the price tag as high as $1 billion (Bay Bridge 'bike path to nowhere'). The sky's the limit! I've been tracking this idea for years. No price is too high for taxpayers to pay for projects that benefit the bike zealots.

Willie Brown likes the idea:

Hey, the Willie L. Brown Bridge might get its own bike lane and walkway, just like that span on the other side of Yerba Buena Island. What a great idea. I’m looking forward to leading the first walk.

Willie Brown is what I call a Development Democrat, indifferent to how much projects cost or if they make any sense as long as they create union jobs: Dig a hole and fill it with money.

So is Jerry Brown. When asked about the cost overruns on the Bay Bridge, Governor Brown said "Shit happens."

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