Friday, October 17, 2014

Pamela Geller is at it again!

Pamela Geller is at it again with ads on Muni buses, using that darn First Amendment loophole that allows people to say things that upset right-thinking liberals.

There's an op-ed in the Chronicle this morning on the subject: Decry Muni bus ads on Islam

Thursday, advertisements appeared on San Francisco Muni buses depicting Islam as evil and claiming that devout followers of the faith are bound to be violent. This proclamation is utterly false and an attempt to manipulate the public with Islamophobic vitriol to address the very serious threat posed by the Islamic State group.

Simply untrue, as you can see by the illustration above. It only depicts an increasingly common occurrence in the US and Europe: a moderate Muslim morphing into a terrorist. There's nothing about Islam being evil and nothing about the Islamic State, aka "Krakpotistan."

Are City Hall and Muni going to play into Geller's hands by going into a full multicultural dither like they did two years ago? Okay with me, since it will just give me another chance to mock them. See also this and this. Or are they going to sensibly ignore the ads, which are really no more than an expression of the diversity that they usually like to blather and congratulate themselves about. 

Is there going to be another phony promise of a study of discrimination against Moslems in the Bay Area by the Human Rights Commission? Where's the study we were promised last time?

While we're on the subject of Islam and crackpots, this morning's Chronicle has another indication that the folks who put out the paper don't read it. On page A-3 of the hard copy, readers were no doubt relieved to see this head on a story: Pakistani Christian woman's death sentence is rejected. Maybe C.W. Nevius wrote the head, but the story actually said the opposite, that the appeal of her death sentence for blasphemy was rejected by the court. I guess moderate Islam hasn't arrived yet in Pakistan's legal system. The Chronicle fixed the head in the online version: Pakistani Christian woman’s appeal of death sentence is rejected.

The Chronicle also garbled the opening paragraph in Chip Johnson's column this morning:

The only visible opponents of the soda tax measures in BerkelSubscription scam hits Chronicle,other newspapers  ey and San Francisco are none other than the soda-pop makers themselves.

They fixed that too in the online edition.

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