Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ben Kingsley as a good man and a very bad man

Richard Attenborough, who died the other day, produced and directed the epic Gandhi movie, starring the great Ben Kingsley, who won an Academy Award in the title role.

Kingsley also starred in a role that has been called the "anti-Gandhi" in Sexy Beast, in which he plays a very bad man. In the clip below, he's bullying/intimidating other gangsters:


The Restoring Transportation Balance campaign

A message from Chris Bowman about the restoring transportation balance campaign:

Dear Colleagues:

I want to again thank you for your continued support of Restore Transportation Balance (Yes on L) both as an endorser, volunteer, and donor.

We've just completed a flurry of activity over the past two weeks which has constructed the framework of a successful campaign on the solid foundation that you helped build.

On the 14th, we submitted our proponents' argument which will appear in the Voter's Information Pamphlet. The VIP will be mailed to all 428,000 registered voters of the City starting in late September.

On the 18th, we submitted our rebuttal to our opponents' argument, as well as seven paid arguments---two from the campaign, and five from our coalition partners.

During the same period, David Looman, Claire Zvanski, Jason Clark, Howard Chabner, and I have been going to myriad endorsement meetings to ably represent Proposition L.

As a result we are pleased to report that we recently received the endorsements by the San Francisco Firefighters Local 798, Chinese American Democratic Club, Polk Street Merchants Association, Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco (BOMA-SF), Save Muni, and the Westside Chinese Democratic Club...

Jason Clark and his team recently revamped our website to include a Facts and Myths page promoting our vision for the future and countering the attacks and misrepresentations coming from our opponents. Please take a look at our website at restorebalance14.org...

Christopher L. Bowman
Campaign Coordinator
RTB (Yes on L)

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