Monday, June 30, 2014

Hitler tries to rent an apartment in the city

Thanks to The Snitch.

Hitler complains about cyclists.

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"We're going to save the governor from himself..."

New State Senate leader Kevin de León

Doesn't sound like this guy is going to roll over for the governor like Darrell Steinberg has (Kevin de León wants Brown to rethink bullet train):

"If we do high-speed rail," De Leon says, "the governor has to be intelligent and invest the dollars at the 'bookends'---San Francisco and Los Angeles." How do you make that happen? "We're going to have to persuade the governor," De Leon answers. "We're going to have to save the governor from himself on high-speed rail." De Leon says he intends to start soon by amending a bill passed with the state budget. That bill allocated $250 million in cap-and-trade greenhouse emission fees to the $68 billion train project...

See also an op-ed California high-speed rail fairy tale in the Fresno Bee.

Thanks to Citizens for California High Speed Rail Accountability for the link.

Later: Kathy Hamilton on this story.


Islamic fascists crucify opponents

Not "Islamic" enough for ISIS fanatics

ISIS Declares Islamic Caliphate. It will be called "Krakpotistan."

What an ISIS killing party is like.