Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jeff Koons and "art"

Seeing Jeff Koons in the above video (the first 2:31) with the late Robert Hughes shows that if he hadn't been a success with his art---or "art"---he could have been a success in TV and movies playing creepy, oily characters. When I re-read The Portrait of a Lady, I'll think of Koons as Gilbert Osmand. Hughes on Koons: 

As early as 1993, he[Robert Hughes] described the work of Jeff Koons as “so overexposed that it loses nothing in reproduction and gains nothing in the original...Koons is the baby to Andy Warhol’s Rosemary,” he summarized, adding: “He has done for narcissism what Michael Milken did for the junk bond.”

The American artist as con man here, here, and here.

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