Wednesday, April 02, 2014

President Obama and the Affordable Care Act

This is just one reason that I'm a Democrat and not a Republican. Obamacare and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will help a lot of ordinary Americans. The Repugs of course oppose both. From The New Republic:

Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for more than three years now and they have voted for repealing the Affordable Care Act—not once, not twice, but fifty times. But they have not passed a single bill that would provide even a fraction of the help that the Affordable Care Act does. They have not even brought such a bill to the floor. As Jonathan Chait has put it, "Republican health-care proposals reside in a state of quasi-existence, and any attempt to summon them into political reality will cause them to disappear." Given such behavior, it's fair to conclude that their alternative to Obamacare is nothing, plain and simple. They think the old status quo, in which so many Americans had no insurance and so many more with insurance couldn't pay their bills, was preferable...

It's a Big Fucking Deal.