Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Obama: "Islam is a religion that preaches peace"

President Obama: "Islam is a religion that preaches peace." That's simply untrue, since for millions of Muslims Islam is a weaponized version of their religion requiring jihad, death to apostates, death to homosexuals, the genital mutilation of girls, "honor" killings, etc., all of which is supported in the Koran and other Muslim holy books.

Obama says "We are not at war with Islam," but we are in effect at war with a significant number of Muslims who see us as nothing but infidels and "crusaders." They even see other Muslims as enemies to be killed whenever possible.

Like a lot of people who have no serious interest in religion---his church attendance is more of a political chore than a heart-felt religious act---President Obama patronizingly assumes that all religions are more or less the same, that they all advocate peace and brotherhood. Wrong!

Pat Oliphant

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