Saturday, July 05, 2014

The day the Sutro baths burned

A huge loss for the city, though apparently it was going to be torn down anyhow. I grew up in Marin County and visited the baths on a Cub Scout field trip, probably around 1952. It was an extraordinary, awesome building. We were all given those high-top swim suits pictured in the Edison clip below. There were a number of different pools---heated pools and cold pools.

More on the Sutro fire at the Western Neighborhoods Project. Thanks to the Richmond District blog.

Thomas Edison's movie of the Sutro Baths:

I had never heard of the Sutro Baths before that visit, but I was familiar with the Playland amusement park---and Laughing Sal at the Funhouse---at the bottom of the hill, which I had visited a number of times with my family.

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