Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Soccer is still boring

From today's review of Sean Wilsey's new book in the NY Times (Skateboarder's Guide to His Galaxy):

“What is soccer,” he asks, “if not everything that religion should be? Universal yet particular, the source of an infinitely renewable supply of hope, occasionally miraculous, and governed by simple, uncontradictory rules (‘Laws,’ officially) that everyone can follow.”

More like an infinite source of boredom to me, but then I find religion boring, too. 90 minutes of boredom in the final World Cup match the other day. I tried to watch it and do my multicultural duty as per all them sophisticated foreigners. I admit that I was moving around, doing household chores and other things. When the game went into overtime, I missed the only, deciding score.

And I can't "follow" the supposedly simple rules. It's not at all clear how the time clock works or why someone is off-sides---and I don't care enough to learn why.

And the ludicrous "flopping" by players whenever an opponent even touches them in a crude attempt to deceive the referees. Even the NBA is finally trying to put a stop to this practice. The illustration below is only slightly exaggerated:

This is one thing Ann Coulter gets right.

Mockery of soccer by Benjamin Wachs in the SF Weekly made some readers mad.



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