Saturday, June 07, 2014

Greenwald on atheism and the spirituality of dogs

Glenn Greenwald

I'd rather have the Obama administration make national security decisions than this moron. Glenn Greenwald goes Deep in the GQ interview:

I don't really like aggressive atheists who are so convinced they know the answers to questions that they don't actually know the answers to. Like, that level of hubris and certainty bothers me. They think they're so scientific, and yet they're asserting things that they don't actually know without evidence. And I do believe in the spiritual and mystical part of the world. Like, obviously yoga is like a bridge into that, like a window into it. I think other things are as well.

"Other things," like the spiritual perceptions of dogs:

One of the reasons I love dogs is because I think they perceive the world, things in the world, that we as humans don't perceive. I think there's something kind of just spiritual about it. They're just completely in the experience.

Atheists are saying that the burden of proof---the gathering of "evidence" about "the mystical part of the world"---is on religious believers, not on them. Humans have gone from believing in many gods to faith in the one god of the major superstitions. Looks like a pattern there. Not to mention the fact that the founders of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all thought the earth was the center of the universe. That's the sort of cosmic "hubris" that's rejected by atheists.

Greenwald is also an ultra-left political hysteric.

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