Monday, April 28, 2014

Larkspur is fighting back

Lark Theater

Don't miss this Larkspur Fights Back event on Tuesday.

Hello everyone,

Join us Tuesday evening for a beautiful documentary film at the Lark Theater: Rebels with a Cause tells the story of a small group of citizens and how they saved Marin from over-development in the 1960s. It's beautifully shot and inspirational. We will have the filmmakers there, along with one of the rebels from the film. We will also present a 10-minute update on the fight to retain our zoning laws and small town character, and we will take questions afterward.

Tuesday, April 29, doors open at 6:30. Get there early!

A fundraiser for for printing flyers, theater rental, and a potential ad to alert our community.

All of Marin will be impacted by the Larkspur Landing "preferred" plan and its traffic. It's important that we pull together to oppose these multi-city, multi-level pushes for high density housing. If our General Plan and zoning laws are changed to allow for the high density in the 'preferred' Station Area Plan, there will be no going back. Any additional housing at the Landing (with the exception of one site) would exceed our current zoning.

Tickets are only available at the door, so get there early!

Suggested donation is $20 per ticket. Make sure you are signed up for e-mail updates. We will remind everyone of the one and only community meeting on the EIR.

Thank you for your support!

Your friends at LFB

See also Planning for Reality on the Larkspur Landing project.

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