Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Who is in favor of tagging?"

Photo by Jim Herd

Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius asks a rhetorical question this morning about Supervisor Breed's proposed legislation discussed in the previous post: "Breed's proposal needs to pass the Board of Supervisors, but c'mon, who is in favor of tagging?"

I bet none of the supervisors will vote against it, but this vandalism is supported/enabled by the media: The New York Times, the SF Weekly (here, here, and here), and former Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond. There are coffee table books about this "renegade creativity" in San Francisco.

There's even a business at 1000 Howard Street---Nevius wrote about it last year---that sells supplies to the vandals and even provides courses in graffiti/tagging:

Study the history of graffiti and how it changed over time under one of the graff legends! You’ll go on a mural walk tour to see landmark pieces and wall followed by time spent sketching letters and discovering your own style under the guidance of our teacher. You’ll learn introductory knowledge of the spray can and have a brief hands-on lesson to prep you for further classes.

Why can't all those overpaid lawyers in the District Attorney's office and the City Attorney's office figure out how to shut this business down?

The SF Weekly last month

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At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Vince said...

Jesse Jackson has called grafitti "the hieroglyphics of destruction." He was right. Grafitti is the work of empty souls who cannot express themselves except through degradation. It was especially sad to see it happenning at Land's End. I mean, seriously, how sick is it to deface/desecrate a tree, a rock or any scene of nature. I reported it to the Park Ranger when I saw it happenning on New Year's Day. Hopefully, the feds will take a sterner stand than the city. The Singapore solution should be put on the ballot. The city can always recruit for caners at the Folsom Street Fair, whom I'm sure would be exemplary in their work!


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