Friday, January 17, 2014

Alan Bennett on Margaret Thatcher

Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett publishes his diary---or selections from the diary---every year in the London Review of Books. An entry from the January 9 LRB suggests that Bennett has a low opinion of  Margaret Thatcher:

17 April. Shots of the cabinet and the ex-cabinet at Lady Thatcher’s funeral in St Paul’s just emphasise how consistently cowardly most of them were, the only time they dared to stand up to her when eventually they kicked her out. What also galls is the notion that Tory MPs throw in almost as an afterthought, namely that her lack of a sense of humour was just a minor failing, of no more significance than being colourblind, say, or mildly short-sighted. In fact to have no sense of humour is to be a seriously flawed human being. It’s not a minor shortcoming; it shuts you off from humanity. Mrs Thatcher was a mirthless bully and should have been buried, as once upon a time monarchs used to be, in the depths of the night.


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