Monday, December 23, 2013

Court rejects "smart growth" in Hollywood

...In a tentative 41-page ruling issued Tuesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Allan J. Goodman said city leaders failed to comply with the state's environmental law when it approved an update to the Hollywood Community Plan, which mapped out new limits for development in that neighborhood.

The plan sought to allow construction of larger buildings in some parts of Hollywood, particularly around transit stops. Three civic groups sued the city over the plan last summer, saying that the council and city planners had relied on inaccurate data and failed to properly consider alternatives to the plan.

“It’s a clear-cut victory for all three plaintiffs and the community,” said Frank Angel, one of the attorneys for Save, one of the three groups...

Robert Silverstein, who represents the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Assn. of Hollywood, described the tentative ruling as a "significant setback" for [Mayor]Garcetti, who represented portions of Hollywood for 12 years.

"His 'vision' includes height- and density-busting projects that push out longtime stakeholders, harm neighborhoods, overtax our infrastructure, and overburden our already gridlocked streets and freeways," Silverstein said in an email. "And he intended to emulate this plan citywide."

In his tentative ruling, Goodman said the city's plan, and its accompanying Environmental Impact Report, contains "errors of fact and of law"...

Last year's LA Times story on the issue.


A setback for city's anti-car movement

Streetsblog photo

Streetsblog is bitter that the city is backing down on its plan to install parking meters in Dogpatch and Portrero Hill after neighborhood opposition: 

After two years of tangling with the city, the defenders of dysfunctional free parking have effectively caused a huge setback for progressive transportation policy---meaning more traffic and slower transit in the future. Hooray for San Francisco.

Muni claims that it only wants to "manage" city parking, but its real motive is mercenary, since parking meters and parking tickets are a major source of revenue for a predatory, bloated city agency that has more than 5,000 employees.

See the story at The Portrero View and at Meter Madness.

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