Saturday, November 23, 2013

All aboard the MTA gravy train!

Ed Reiskin on Bike to Work Day
Photo from Streetsblog

That the MTA, with more than 5,000 employees, has become more of a jobs program than a transit agency is illustrated by this jobs notice---six-figure salaries plus benefits, including discounts with Carshare and Zipcar, which will get you there a lot faster than Muni and other public transit systems that are for the peasants:

Get discounts for personal memberships with City Carshare and Zipcar. Carsharing companies offer all sizes and types of vehicles throughout the Bay Area for you to reserve and use when you need it. Insurance, gas, and maintenance are included. Have the convenience of a car without the hassle and cost!

The head engineer on the gravy train is Ed Reiskin, who was hired two years ago at $294,000 a year.

The SF Weekly thinks he's a crackerjack administrator:

Reiskin's expertise is in management. His sterling reputation for competence is such that he may be able to execute even the most dubious of endeavors the agency has tasked him with.

Reiskin's main "expertise" is really in feathering his nest. His hiring was essentially political, since he's a bike guy who brags about not owning a car since 1991, which made him the perfect guy to implement the city's anti-car "endeavors."

That's also why the city hires people from the Bicycle Coalition: here, here, and here.

Thanks to ENUF for the link.

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