Friday, November 08, 2013

Vandalizing Hibernia Bank with "progressive" art

From C.W. Nevius's October 7 column:

Annals of crime: When a nickname goes bad. Southern Station officers spotted an individual known as "Bike Mike," for his frequent arrests for bike theft. When they tried to stop him, he shouted, "I cannot go back to jail," and fled. Officers not only caught him, but when they went to his residence, they found bike parts, tools, frames and two expensive racing bikes that were reported stolen. Turns out Bike Mike was wrong about going back to jail.

The Hibernia Bank sequence starts at 4:07. I hope Bike Mike got some serious time.

Thanks to the Tenderloin Station for the link to the video.

Nevius reports that San Diego has a more effective graffiti/tagging abatement program than we do.

The SFPD's Graffiti Abatement site.

SF progressives think this kind of vandalism is pretty cool.

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