Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mitigating the Keystone XL Pipeline project


How about a 5,000-mile bike path?

"What if the Keystone XL Pipeline project wasn’t a black-or-white issue? In our Houston office, we’ve been hearing a lot about both sides of the Pipeline debate—and after several in-office conversations earlier this year about the efficacy of the project, we started thinking: what could be done to make this project better? What would a landscape architect do? What can a designer remember about this infrastructural project and all its component parts?...So, how would we address the landscape of the Keystone XL Pipeline? In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek proposal, we thought that if they are going to develop 5000 miles of infrastructure, we might get 5000 miles of bike paths out of the project."

Thanks to Salon for the link.