Thursday, August 15, 2013

A fund-raiser for movie on Judi Bari

Note the gaping hole under the steering wheel


I am not a millionaire or even a thousandaire. And we could sure use help with this final phase of our documentary, Who Bombed Judi Bari?: captioning the movie with Spanish and English (for the deaf) subtitles, digitizing our movie for streaming and download on Netflix, Amazon, etc., and paying off $3000 of licensing fees still owed.

We're in the final 9 days of our kickstarter campaign to raise $7500, of which we've raised $3725---almost half.

We need some mojo right about now as the donations have slowed down quite a bit. Even getting past the $4000 mark would be a real booster. If we don't raise the money, it all goes back to the pledgers.

Here's the link.

I thank you in advance for your support. My apologies for the broadcast posting. Viva Judi!

For the wild in us all,
Darryl Cherney

Here's a link to the film's website and the Facebook page.

A clearcut photo by Nick Wilson

My take on the bogus "new evidence" on the Bari bombing

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The wasteful prog obsession with trains

Even though voters rejected a ballot measure to pay for it, they're going to get that expensive train anyhow.

Randal O'Toole on Portland's transportation system:

Since census data also show that 85 percent of Portland-area commuters still take autos to work, Portland’s investments in transit and bike paths have, at best, merely nibbled at the edges of the problem.