Friday, July 05, 2013

A good coup

Whenever the Muslim Brotherhood is defeated, it's very good news:

A coup to celebrate
by Michael Tomasky
The Daily Beast
Morsi is no democrat and doesn’t deserve our democratic support. You can’t declare a state of emergency, arrogate to yourself the concomitant powers, let your police brutalize and torture hundreds (he was in office just shy of a year, remember, so that’s kind of a lot), and then, when push comes to shove, say, “But hey, I was elected!” Democracy is about practices and habits of mind that produce democratic behavior. And this is what the people in Tahrir Square want. It’s what they wanted in February 2011, and it’s what they want now. They’re clearly desperate to get out from under both autarkic despotism and religious extremism and live a fully democratic life. To them, the revolution that commenced in February 2011 is only half-complete (at best). To anyone who wants to build his case on the fact that the people spoke at the ballot box, one can also reply that they spoke, and far more plangently, in the square over the past week...
Moslem groups in the US were silent when the Morsi regime trampled on human rights and abused the opposition. Now that Morsi has been overthrown, they are whining about democracy.

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