Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Wiggle

What does the lower Haight neighborhood think about the Wiggle? Check out the comments when Haighteration does a post on the Wiggle here and here.

The city's Fell/Oak bike lane project was designed, first of all, to make cyclists "comfortable" riding on the Panhandle, but also to help them get to the Wiggle faster so they can speed through the lower Haight neighborhood. From the MTA's description of what it calls, without irony, the "Oak Street and Fell Street Pedestrian and Bike Safety Project":

In addition to carrying tens of thousands of cars each day, Oak Street and Fell Street are vital links in San Francisco's bicycle network, connecting the Panhandle bike path and the “Wiggle” bicycle route that serve thousands of cyclists. Oak and Fell Streets are the flattest, most direct connection from Market Street to the Panhandle path, Golden Gate Park and western neighborhoods.

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