Saturday, June 08, 2013

Bike share: Will the city be liable?

Photo from San Francisco Citizen
This letter to the editor is from the SF Examiner last week:

Questions on bike share

San Francisco residents and taxpayers need to demand additional answers from City Hall, not only about the vendor’s possible unfair labor practices but about bike-share safety and accident liability for this “green” venture.

Will future bike-share riders sign a form acknowledging that they must abide by San Francisco and California traffic laws? Will bike-share riders be informed and acknowledge in written form that it is against the law for anyone 13 years of age or older to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk? (San Francisco Traffic Code Section 7.2.12).

Is there an additional insurance that bike-share riders can obtain through the vendor? Will bicycle helmets be provided? Who is liable for injuries to pedestrians and bike-share riders?

Unfortunately, far too often when accidents happen the cost is transferred to the San Francisco taxpayer in million-dollar payouts for a perfectly foreseeable liability issue. It is irresponsible of City Hall to lure unwary tourists into a potentially dangerous and liable situation.

Fiona McGregor
San Francisco

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