Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sign the petition

Beams with Balls: Sign the petition to get rid of it

Please sign the petition to get rid of this atrocity. Yes, we understand that, since Duchamp's urinal and Warhol's soup cans, anything and everything can be called "art." They can redefine the word "art," but the word "crap" still has its original meaning.

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No thanks to "The Lord"

She understands that she was just very lucky

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"Stop listening only to the bike people and start listening to the rest of us"

Supervisor Farrell
A commenter to a previous post referred to the May 2 meeting of the Board of Supervisors' Neighborhood Services Committee and the parking item:

It took a while but I think the bike coalition's influence at the SFMTA and SFCTA is about to come to an end. Viewing of the May 2nd Board of Supervisors meeting will show you that the vast majority of citizens are fed up. The loudest applause was for the gentleman who said "stop listening ONLY to the bike people and start listening to the rest of us."
The hearing on the MTA's aggressive expansion of parking meters in the neighborhoods---activating parking meters even on Sundays---was called by Second District Supervisor Farrell, one of several supervisors concerned about parking in their districts. The neighborhood pushback against an imperial MTA and its anti-car policies annoys the anti-car, pro-bike Bay Guardian and Streetsblog, but that's the thing about district elections---it makes supervisors sensitive to what people in the neighborhoods are actually concerned about. (District elections also allows leftists, who could never win a citywide election, to get elected, which is why they like this system. Ranked Choice Voting, another prog "good government" policy adopted by San Francisco, also distorts the democratic process.)
Meter Madness provides a link to the SFGTV video of the hearing and recommends starting at 130155, when the parking agenda item begins. But if you want to skip Ed Reiskin's boilerplate PowerPoint presentation on MTA's need to "manage" parking in the neighborhoods, skip to around 02:15:30 for the more interesting public comments.

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