Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Obama hate and the phony scandals

Kevin Drum on his Mother Jones blog:

Chris Matthews was howling the other day about Obama's ignorance of the AP phone record subpoena, which he thought was indefensible. "You don't think Bobby would have called Jack?" he asked incredulously. And he's right: Bobby would have called Jack. And that would have been wrong, which is why the Justice Department is now kept at a much greater distance from the White House. This is universally considered a good thing...Surely we haven't forgotten so soon after Watergate exactly why we prefer for the president to be kept very far away from criminal investigations? Ditto for the IRS, which for similar reasons is an agency that we've deliberately set up to be independent of the president. We don't want the president to have any influence over the IRS, and we don't want him kept apprised of the details of ongoing inquiries. It would have been a scandal if Obama had known any details about the IG investigation of the IRS's tea party targeting.

Ezra Klein does a nice job of deconstructing all three of the phony anti-Obama scandals.

The Obama haters have no shame:

Sean Delonas cartoon in the New York Post in 2009

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