Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bike to Work Day: You're paying for it

Most people think that the Bicycle Coalition pays for Bike to Work Day, but in fact city taxpayers do, as City Hall pays the Coalition $50,000 a year to organize the event:
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition hosts the most robust Bike to Work Day event in the Bay Area with over 25 Energizer Stations, urban bike safety classes and workshops, parties, raffles and giveaways leading up to the event to celebrate biking in San Francisco.
All those "giveaways" at 25 stations are paid for by city taxpayers. It's a lot like those TV ads for the Marines: city taxpayers are in effect paying to be propagandized by the Bicycle Coalition, a pro-bike, anti-car special interest group. 
Note that on it's website the coalition is still pushing the bike lanes on Polk Street. Like religious fanatics, they keep coming at us, but at least we don't have to pay the Jehovah's Witnesses as they go door-to-door in our neighborhoods.
You also paid the Bicycle Coalition $300,000 for the "community outreach" done on the Bicycle Plan, even though that was improper, since it had a stake in the outcome of the process.

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