Monday, May 06, 2013

Supervisor Breed in Chicago with "leaders and doers"

Good to see that blogger Michael Petrelis is monitoring junkets by the supervisors. Turns out that Supervisor Chiu isn't the only supervisor on a trip bankrolled by someone else. Supervisor Breed is in Chicago on a trip paid for by the Chamber of Commerce:

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce leads an annual delegation of business, government, civic and nonproft[sic] leaders on a visit to a city from which San Francisco can learn about best practices that may have applications locally. City Trips spur the imagination and provide excellent contacts with though[sic] leaders and doers who can be resources to San Francisco.

Yes, Chicago can teach San Francisco a thing or two about legitimizing corruption.

Someone filed the required paper work with the Ethics Commission after Breed left on the trip. Maybe they read Petrelis's blog and scrambled to follow the law. And why are the signatures on the form redacted?

On the last page of the form, we learn who specifically paid for Breed's trip: Greg Cosko, President and CEO, Hathaway Dinwiddie; Ontario Smith, Sr. Government Relations Representative, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.; and Melinda Yee Franklin, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs, Western Region, United Airlines.

But don't worry about Supervisor Breed being influenced by these special interests. Recall that as candidate Breed told us, "I don't do what no motherfucking body tells me to do."

Track junkets by city officials on the Ethics Commission's website.

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