Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hypocrites! The MTA clings to its fleet of cars

From the SF Examiner

The Examiner reports today that the MTA is clinging to its fleet of cars more than any other city department (SF's goal of taking its cars off the road hits speed bump). That's the grossest hypocrisy by an agency that treats everyone else who has to drive in the city as public enemies and a source of money---$178,919,383 from city-owned parking lots, parking meters, parking tickets, and parking permits---to maintain its bloated bureaucracy of more than 5,000 employees:

Nine city department heads have submitted waivers to protect hundreds of trucks, sedans and other vehicles from elimination. The total number of vehicles in The City’s fleet is not exact, but an indication comes through a $29 million annual fuel contract for 6,000 vehicles and 700 pieces of equipment, including generators. The fleet has long faced criticism for abuse and waste, a fact seen as a blemish on San Francisco’s environmentally conscious image.

And of course city workers have free parking for their city-owned vehicles, unlike working people who have to park on the street and scramble to feed parking meters to avoid the MTA's predatory meter maids/dudes.

The MTA keeps trying to get city residents out of their cars and on bikes. Why can't city employees ride bikes? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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