Sunday, March 03, 2013

Polk Street: "Don't let cyclists rule the road"

Rita Paoli in front of her Polk Street business
Photo by Anna Latino for the SF Examiner

Letters in today's SF Examiner:

Polk Street stores need parking spaces

Although I no longer live in the Polk Street area, last week my husband and I drove to that area and shopped at City Discount, Brownies and Walgreens, and bought flowers at the florist before stopping by to visit with friends at the friendly Cinch bar.

We are both senior citizens and would find it virtually impossible to shop along Polk Street if parking were eliminated. When my arm was broken, my husband thought I was too vulnerable with my arm in a cast, so he would drive me to Polk Street and park the car so I could visit friends.

I shopped at City Discount even before they moved to their current location and I don’t want to see it closed because they cannot get enough customers. Small businesses like Rita Paoli’s will suffer from loss of revenue and probably be forced to close. I am concerned about the small pet-supply store.

I have already called the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu and Mayor Ed Lee to let them know that I oppose such a plan.

Ann Dolyniuk
San Francisco

Don’t let cyclists rule road

When will city leaders wake up and stop this bicycle takeover?

I feel for the merchants along Polk Street now facing the loss of more than half of their parking spaces just to favor a bike lane. For 20 years, I have avoided Polk Street for shopping or dining whenever I’m driving. How many others will stay away now?

If you want to take parking away in any district in favor of bicyclists, partner with private business to build paying parking lots above- and belowground. It’s only fair, lest some unique neighborhoods and deserving small businesses completely disappear.

Ann Grogan
San Francisco


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