Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The cover-up continues

From a Dallas News story of January 14:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stunned the crowd at the Winspear Opera House on Friday night by saying that his father believed there may have been a conspiracy in the assassination of his brother, President John F. Kennedy. The reverberations continued through the weekend. In the vernacular of the day, his remarks went viral. “My father believed that the Warren Commission report,” RFK Jr. said, “was a shoddy piece of craftsmanship.”...Charlie Rose hosted the event at the AT and T Performing Arts Center, which organized the show.

For some inexplicable reason, no telecast is planned, despite the presence of television cameras in the center and on the side of the auditorium...Friday night was newsworthy for marking the first time a Kennedy family member has spoken in Dallas in public in the nearly 50 years since JFK was gunned down on Elm Street. What we did not expect to hear was a Kennedy family member publicly rebuke the Warren Commission, even though Mack says RFK Sr. had confided to friends and associates that he was skeptical of the Warren Commission report...

He then dropped a bombshell within a bombshell: RFK’s investigators secured phone records “between Oswald and Jack Ruby” for the months leading up to the assassination and they read “like an inventory of the Mafia leaders they had been investigating for the past two years.”

He noted that, in the four years before his father became attorney general, the U.S. government had jailed two Mafia leaders. During the two years his father served as attorney general, “643 were put in jail,” including infamous Mafia chieftain Joseph Valachi.

The list of Oswald-Ruby phone records “was a carbon copy of the telephone numbers. They had bugs on a lot of these [Mafia] guys and they were the same characters.” RFK Jr. said that his father “was fairly convinced at the end of that that there had been involvement by somebody,” to which Rose replied, “Organized crime, Cubans?”
“Or rogue CIA,” RFK Jr. said...

Rob's comment:

The House Subcommittee on Assassinations found that Ruby had mafia connections.

The government won't release 1,171 documents on the JFK assassination until 2017.

Robert Baker on Alternet asks a good question:

Believe it or not, more than 50,000 pages of JFK assassination–related documents are being withheld in full. And an untold number of documents have been partially withheld or released with everything interesting blacked out. But why? Since the government and the big media keep telling us there was no conspiracy and that it was all Lee Harvey Oswald acting on his own, why continue to keep the wraps on?

"Inexplicable"? Charlie Rose's burying this story fits the tradition of the spineless media coverage of the murder of President Kennedy.

Later: Charlie Rose reveals his intrinsic liberal lameness in this interview with Bill Maher.

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Portland and San Francisco: sister cities in dumb policies---and ugly buildings

A Portland city government building even uglier than Fox Plaza

Seems that Portland is having budget problems, in large part because of its foolish investment in costly rail systems that few ride.

Thanks to the Antiplanner for the link.