Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Another victim of Fell/Masonic speed trap

Mr. Anderson,

I received a red light ticket via the camera at Fell and Masonic several months back before the "improvements" to the visibility of this light were made by the SFMTA (as detailed

I found your
blog on the subject and will be using it as evidence as I fully intend to fight this ticket (I just got back from the courthouse to start the process to set up my court date) as I truly did not see the light as it was previously so buried in the clutter at this intersection (as so many others have pointed out). I will also be using the Channel 7 story on this intersection as I found the link to this story as well on your blog.

The fine is nothing short of outrageous (nearly $600 if I choose to go to traffic school) so I want to do everything possible to be able to have this infraction dismissed. I am by no means a rich guy and do have a family to support...

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