Wednesday, January 02, 2013

San Francisco: The rip-off city

From the SF Chronicle's Letters to the Editor on Monday:

A fine welcome, S.F.

A celebratory day, our anniversary, at SFMOMA and dinner at one of San Francisco's finest restaurants last Thursday turned into a nightmare as our car was towed where we parked across from the museum.

As we are handicapped seniors on a fixed income, the $453 towing charge plus the $93 parking ticket not only dampened our spirits but certainly crimped our annual spending for the next year.

Did we make a mistake and overlook a sign? Yes. But what a huge cost? $546.

Isn't this a bit excessive?

It will be a while before our budget will allow us to return to San Francisco for entertainment. How many hundreds of others were similarly ripped off just last Thursday?

It's a wonder anyone ever returns to the city.

Charles Hawley
San Carlos

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