Wednesday, January 02, 2013

San Francisco: the rip-off city

From the SF Chronicle's Letters to the Editor on Monday:

A fine welcome, S.F.

A celebratory day, our anniversary, at SFMOMA and dinner at one of San Francisco's finest restaurants last Thursday turned into a nightmare as our car was towed where we parked across from the museum.
As we are handicapped seniors on a fixed income, the $453 towing charge plus the $93 parking ticket not only dampened our spirits but certainly crimped our annual spending for the next year.
Did we make a mistake and overlook a sign? Yes. But what a huge cost? $546.
Isn't this a bit excessive?
It will be awhile before our budget will allow us to return to San Francisco for entertainment. How many hundreds of others were similarly ripped off just last Thursday?

It's a wonder anyone ever returns to the city.
Charles Hawley
San Carlos

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